An Ounce of Prevention with Women In Distress

Episode 4 || What Is Domestic Violence?

October 01, 2022 Women In Distress of Broward County, Inc. Episode 4
An Ounce of Prevention with Women In Distress
Episode 4 || What Is Domestic Violence?
Show Notes

This Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October 2022), we aim to get at the heart of the question, what is domestic violence?

Join us as we talk through various types of abuse (#BeyondTheBruises), why victims stay, and other key aspects of understanding domestic violence. And of course, most importantly, learn about ways we can all turn our knowledge and awareness into greater action.


  • Host: Emily Janas, Education & Prevention Manager at Women In Distress
  • Guests
    • Alisa Gonzalez, Education Specialist at Women In Distress
    • Britney Pierre, Teen Dating Violence Specialist at Women In Distress
  • Music by: Shane Ivers at

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." This show, brought to you by the Education & Prevention team at Women In Distress in Broward County, FL is building awareness to end domestic violence. Each episode, we’ll be breaking down different aspects of the work – we’ll talk to survivors, advocates, community members, and others to explore the things that are happening right now and the work that still needs to be done. 

Women In Distress is the only state-certified, nationally accredited domestic violence center serving Broward County, Florida. Our mission is "To stop domestic abuse for everyone through intervention, education, and advocacy."